Auburns Army
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God’s Not Done Yet Auburn

Tap That Craft Beer & Wine Bar Owners Amy & Jonathan Davis of New Bern, NC are asking for your help! A dear friend
of ours, Auburn Nicole Banks (15 years old) from New Bern, NC, was diagnosed on Saturday, December 11th
with an inoperable Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG) Brain Stem Tumor.

Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas (DIPG) are highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumors found at the base of the brain. They are glial tumors, meaning they arise from the brain’s glial tissue — tissue made up of cells that help support and protect the brain’s neurons.

Auburn is the sweetest and most positive 15 year old we have ever had the chance to meet. She is beautiful, friendly, high-spirited and can light up any room she walks in with her smile and loving heart! Auburn was recently quoted as saying, “God’s Not Done With Me Yet!” We all wholeheartedly believe this as well. With Auburn’s strong faith & willpower, we too know she is a fighter and is up to the challenge. Auburn will be having a biopsy performed at the end of this week and is scheduled for radiation five days per week beginning next week.

As believers in Christ, we certainly have faith and believe that prayers are extremely powerful. We kindly ask that you think of Auburn as well as her family and medical team when you say your prayers.

The purpose of this fundraiser page is to assist Auburn and her family with the financial assistance that comes with the daily tasks that include transportation costs, daily needs associated with treatments and appointments as well as the unlimited medical expenses that insurance doesn’t cover. 100% of all money raised will go directly to Auburn and her family. We love this child like our own and will Fight Fight Fight alongside of her each and every day!


Donations for Auburn’s Army can be made at Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar in New Bern, NC

Please make checks payable to Doug and Amanda Banks.
Cash donations can be given to a team member at the bar just mention Auburn’s Army!

Thank You!

-Tap That Craft Beer and Wine Bar Team